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Wing Chun Kung Fu Training Equipment

Wing chun ash poles

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Custom made wooden dummies also available.
Wooden Dummies


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Long Pole
(Luk Dim Boon Gwan)

The Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Long pole also known as Rat's Tail pole, Dragon pole and Luk Dim Boon Gwan (6 and half point pole)

Below: Ash Wing Chun pole.
Ash long pole

Below: Ash Lau Gar pole.
Lau Gar poles

Lau Gar Kung Fu Rat's Tail pole
One in stock
Long Poles
7 ft 2100mm Long
Heavy 1.7kg
Timber ash one piece
50mm dia. at butt tapering to 27-30 mm at tip

Price: £61.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.

7 ft 2100mm option is also available 40mm dia. at butt tapering to 27-30 mm at tip. Some Southern Praying Mantis practitioners have purchased these. 1 in Stock
Price: £61.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.

Spear shafts
Other staffs and weapons handles can also be made to order.

If you are after a Gift and would like it personalised email me with the inscription for a price.
Price: £10.00 for up to Twenty letters then 40p per letter thereafter.

Letter Carved inscription

Please pre-order as they are selling as fast as I can make them

The poles are made from one piece kiln dried timber, the timber boards are selected personally by Dave looking for straightness of grain and no defects. The boards are then cut into blanks machined square and again selected for their straightness, if the blanks are up to scratch they will then be turned into a pole. Once turned, the poles are hand sanded checked for straightness and defects, and then an oil finish is applied. They will receive another coat of oil after 24hrs and will be stored vertically in a rack and observed for any further movement. The weight of the finished pole will vary but the weights quoted below are fairly consistent.

Please seek advice form your Sifu as to which type of pole is the best for you, but feel free to call and discuss if needed.

Wing Chun long Pole
2500mm 8ft 2"
1.25 - 1.8kg
Out of stock
Timber Ash one piece
35mm dia. at butt end tapering to 25mm at tip.
E xcellent flexibility and good for training energy drills.
Price: £61.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.

Wing Chun long Pole
8 ft
2440mm - 2500mm 8ft 2"Out of stock

7ft 2100mm One in stock
Weight 1.25 - 1.8kg
Timber Ash one piece

40mm dia at butt end tapering to 28mm at tip.
less flexible than above more suited to sticky pole and heavy form workouts.
Price: £61.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K.


Ash and purpleheart, with no finish applied.
Purple heart wood
These are normally 2500mm long

Due to timber availability and costs these are now very rare.
Purpleheart wood poleOut of stock2500mm long 38mm dia at butt tapering to 25mm dia at tip. Weight around 2.1kg

Purple heart wood poles

Price £130.00 & £30.00 courier delivery Mainland U. K

Heavier poles can be made by decreasing the amount of taper or increasing the diameter.



Pole hanging target

Pole Hanging Target
The pole hanging target is made from Hardwood Beech and Birch. The Birch centre ball is 68mm diameter with a plastic sleeve 20mm diameter above and below. The top and bottom sections are in Beech at 105mm tall and 69mm diameter. The weight is around 1Kg and is complete with a polypropylene hanging rope. It can be hung from a wall bracket or clothes line to hone your lunging and striking accuracy with the long pole.

Price: £25.00 delivery mainland U. K. £8.00

If purchased with a long pole delivery is free.


They can be purchased direct from DT Woodturning, quantity discounts are available for club purchases and delivery is available. Other poles, staffs and spear shafts can be made to order.



Also available

These Wing Chun wooden training knives are made of high quality marine grade ply, cut shaped and sanded by hand, with a durable oil finish which is easily maintained. The handles are shaped so that they fit comfortably in the hands allowing complete control over the 13" (330mm) long blades.
Butterfly Knives

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Wooden dummies
Wooden Dummies

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