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Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Kung Fu Training Equipment

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Custom made wooden dummies also available.
Wooden Dummies

Wing chun long pole (Luk Dim Boon Gwan) up to 2440mm long made in Ash and Purpleheart wood are also available

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Baat Jaam Do

Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Butterfly Knives, Eight Slashing knives

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Price: £39.95 includes delivery Mainland U.K.

These Wing Chun wooden training knives are made of high quality marine grade ply, cut shaped and sanded by hand, they have a durable oil finish which is easily maintained. The handles are shaped so that they fit comfortably in the hands allowing complete control over the 13" (330mm) long blades.
I can also provide them with a shorter blade length if required.
These have a full handle design but can be made with a half handle if required.

The knife form is the last weapons form in the wing chun system and is taught to advanced students. It comprises of eight sections and helps develop stance footwork and also wrist strength.

They can be purchased direct from DT Woodturning and delivery is available throughout UK


Frequently asked questions

Q. Why do I need wooden knives?
A. Using wooden knives allows them to be used in the same room as the other students without the risk of someone coming into contact with a heavy steel blade.
In the early stages of training the knife form the practitioner is at risk from injuring themselves from a heavy steel pair.
If you are using them to practice blocking techniques on the pole or other wooden knives this limits the damage to the equipment.
The fact that they are lighter than a metal pair allows you to train the form for a much longer period of time before tiring.

Q. Why do you use plywood ?
A. I use plywood because it is a multi layer construction using high strength glue the marine quality ply is the best material for the job and dose not contain any voids between the laminations. This makes it stronger than your normal run of the mill ply. The disadvantage is that it is very expensive.

Q. Do your knives have splinters?
A. No they are smooth sanded by hand and then oiled the marine ply gives a smooth handle and a strong edge to the blade.

Q. Can you make them in a solid timber?
A. Yes I could make them in a solid timber, but would only consider them to be for decoration and form work and not to be used against the pole or other wooden knives.

Q. Can I use the Qullion (Thumb Guard) to trap the pole?
A. No the Quilion of the wooden knife is only designed to be used to rotate the knife around the thumb and will not stand up to trapping the pole or any other weapon.

Q. Have you tested these knives?
A. Yes pairs of these knives have been in constant use by myself and other wing chun practitioners for over 12 years without any problems.

Q. If I have a set of wooden knives does that mean that I won't need a metal pair?
A. No you will always need a heavier metal pair if you wish to develop stamina, arm shoulder and wrist strength and generally have a good work out from the form.
Or you may carry out blocking techniques which warrant the use of the Quillion for trapping and only metal knives will allow this.

Q. Do you sell metal knives?
A. I am sorry but No. All the goods that I sell are made by me, I like it that way as I have full control over the quality of the items that I can provide

If you have any questions feel free to call me.



Also available

Custom made wooden dummies.
Mook Jan Jong
Wooden Dummies

Wing chun long pole (Luk Dim Boon Gwan)
Available in Ash or Purple heart wood.
Tapering from 38mm at the butt end down to 27mm at the tip.
Other poles, staffs and spear shafts can be made to order.

Long Poles


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