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Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) kung Fu Wooden Dummy Dai Jong
unique gift for a wing Chun practitioner.

Model wooden dummy
Above: Miniature wooden dummy Above Welsh Oak Burr N01 Oak arms and leg, Yew body and Welsh Oak burr base. A fully functional miniature model with offset square shaft top arms just as on the original Dai Jong (Ground Dummy).

The Burr oak base is from a large section that I purchased and keep specifically for all the dummy bases. Each will be from the same burr and will differ in look depending on where I cut the burr. Once this burr has been used that will be the last one in the Welsh Oak burr series. They are a limited edition but I do not know the final number until the last one has been made.

Can be inscribed with pyrography text underneath.
Each dummy will be numbered next available will be Number Three
Guide price £145 - £195.00

wooden dummy burr oak 2

Above Welsh Oak Burr N02

click for larger image
Dummy made in Sapele including frame for wall mounting.

Butterfly knives and Wing chun long pole (Luk Dim Boon Gwan) up to 8ft 2" long made in Ash, Purple Heart poles are also available

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Mobile: 07900 846397

E-Mail: dave.thomas

Website: www.dtwoodturning.co.uk

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Ash freestanding Dummy

Dummy made in Ash mounted on height adjustable compact free standing base.
Click here for more details.

Wall mounted Elm dummy

Above: Elm dummy body

Click here to see the construction of an Elm wall mounted dummy.

Sapele freestanding wooden dummy

Above: Sapele dummy on painted freestanding base.

Above: Sapele Wooden Dummy with neck.


Oak wall mounted dummy

Above: Oak wall mounted dummy.

Mook Yan Jong (Gua Jong)

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Wing Chun wooden dummies can be made to a size of your choosing and in a timber to suit your budget. They can be wall mounted or on a stand alone base. Arms and legs are available as replacements or for making your own dummy.

Above: Ash wooden dummy on painted freestanding base.

The wooden dummy is the ultimate piece of training equipment for a Wing Chun kung fu practitioner.
It improves body posture, grounding and footwork, trains position, distance, timing and correct release of energy. It can be used for practicing drills and for honing your kicks. It will never replace a real training partner but it is the next best thing and will always be there when you wish to train.


PRICES Depending on choice of timber
Ash (light coloured hardwood) £1100.00

In Sapele (red hardwood) £1100.00

Other timbers available.

Each dummy will be made to its owners dimensions, from kiln dried timber. The body will be laminated from for either ex 9" wide *2.5" thick boards or ex 9" wide by 3" thick boards using modern adhesive and biscuit joints, this produces an extremely strong body that will not crack or split due to the natural movement of the wood. Once the body blank is produced it will be turned down to its finished diameter on a lathe and sanded to a smooth finish. Then it will be marked for the arm, leg and support strut hole positions, the holes will then be cut. The finished hole sizes are made slightly larger than the finished arm and leg shaft sizes, this allows the wooden limbs to move when in use
The arms are made from solid ex 3" square kiln dried timber, this ensures that they are extremely strong will last many years and will not break during use.

They can be commissioned direct from DT Woodturning, delivery mainland U.K. is available. Give Dave a ring to discuss your requirements.

Freestanding wooden bases are now available for practitioners who would like the versatility that it offers. These are made to suit your existing wall mounted dummy bodies specifications. Your existing dummy body sits directly onto it's new base and does not need any of the existing wall frame. When weighted with two 25kg bags of sand the base will weigh in at around 110kg (17stone) Add the weight of your existing dummy body to this and you are looking at around 145kg (23 stone)

Prices start from £400.00

Stand alone freestanding base


Also available are Wooden Dummy parts, these can be purchased separately for you to build your own quality dummy at a reduced cost.
Wooden dummy parts


Offset arms, allow height adjustment

The top set of dummy arms are made offset to allow for them to sit level when in the dummy body

Top dummy section

Top section of dummy

dummy leg

Dummy leg

Stand top

Top section of wall mounted stand

Stand bottom

Bottom section of wall mounted stand

Stand side on

Side on view of wall mounted stand

Arm peg detail

Detail of turned peg locking pins in Oak

Price: for one set of Three arms in Beech £80.00 + £12.50 delivery Mainland UK
Total £92.50
Offset top dummy arms available in beech (Strong hardwood timber) either as replacements for broken arms or for use in making your own dummy. Bottom arms cut centrally are also available. Each arm comes with locking pin. They are provided smooth sanded and ready for staining or oiling.

Black walnut dummy body on lathe
Black walnut dummy body


Also available

Butterfly knives (Baat Jaam Do)


Wing chun (Ving Tsun) long pole (Luk Dim Boon Gwan)
up to 8ft 2" long made in Ash Medium weight but extremely strong
Purpleheart wood (Extremely attractive timber with a good weight) ideal for the serious Wing Chun practitioner.

E-Mail: dave.thomas@dtwoodturning.co.uk

If you would like to learn the Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) System in:
Port Talbot Port Talbot Wing Chun Society Website
Swansea Swansea Wing Chun Society Website

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Wing Chun (Ving Tsun) Wooden dummy frequently asked questions

Do you buy in your dummies readymade?
A. No the complete dummy is made by me.

Q. Can you build me a freestanding base for my existing wall mounted dummy to sit on?
A. Yes. I will need various dimensions and the timber type of your existing dummy body.
Would normally require the dummy body at my workshop for modification.

Q. If I purchase a freestanding base for my existing wooden dummy. Will I still need to keep my wall mounted stand?
A. No. The freestanding base comes with all the components needed to mount your existing dummy body onto it. So you can either sell on or store your wall mount frame.

Q. Can you make a totally custom made dummy to my specific dimensions?
A. Yes. Just send me a drawing with some dimensions and I will send you a quote. Or pop in to the workshop and discuss.

Q. Can your freestanding model be converted to a wall mounted dummy?
A. Yes

Q. Which is the best timber to make a dummy from?
A. Hardwoods tend to be best as they will stand up to harder use, timbers such as Ash, Sapele  and Beech are all good.  If you are staining the dummy then timbers such as Tulip wood (yellow Poplar) and Pine are OK but will be more susceptible to damage. If you are after a dummy that looks great then you could use Black Walnut, Oak, Cherry, Elm or Yew. These are all rather expensive timbers but look great. If you are going to have a dummy that is outdoors then you could use Green (fresh sawn) Oak.
But I would reccomend that you have a Dai Jong type.

Q. What type of finish do you put on your dummies?
A. Danish oil is the preferred finish that I use, it penetrates the wood and also forms a good seal to protect it. The advantage of this over a varnish or lacquer is that you can sand it back and simply apply more when needed, varnish would give a distressed look over a period of time which is difficult to re-finish.

Q. Which make of Danish oil do you use?
A. I use Rustins Danish Oil and have done for over 30 years. If you are re-applying oil to your dummy I would advise you to use the same make.

Q. Can I site my dummy outside?
A.  I would not recommend having your dummy outside, the weather and the Sun will cause the timber to split and due to the excess movement the glue joints might start to open up. It will also start to rot the wood.
If you want a dummy for use outside Green oak in my opinion is best to use, the arms and leg can be made from any timber as they can be removed from the dummy and stored indoors after use. The best option for a green oak dummy would be a stake in the ground or post dummy, the body of this type of dummy is longer than normal and sits in a specially prepared hole. You don’t need a frame or stand for this dummy. This type of dummy (Dai Jong) pre-dates the more modern wall or freestanding types that we use today.

Q. Do you practice Wing Chun?
A. Yes I am a Wing Chun practitioner, I train Ip Ching lineage. For more information visit www.porttalbotwingchun.co.uk website.

Q. How long will my dummy last?
A. Your wooden dummy will last a lifetime with proper care and when you pass on someone else will be able to care for it.

Q. How heavy are your dummies?
A. This depends on the timber used, on average in hardwood the dummy body will weigh between 35 – 50kgs
A freestanding model with a filled base weighs in from 23 - 29 stone 150kgs to 190kgs

Q. Can I visit you at your workshop to try out and discuss your dummies?
A. Yes indeed this is my preferred way, you can then discuss with me (Dave) the various options and try out the workshop dummy so that we can get the dimensions and timber choices right.

Q. Do you give any guarantees with your dummies?
A. Yes if you have any problems with your dummy and providing I am still alive give me a ring and I will sort it out I am 60 at the moment so should be around for another 10yrs or more.

Q. Do you sell arms and legs for me to make my own wooden dummy?
A. Yes take a look at this page http://www.dtwoodturning.co.uk/woodendummyparts.html

Q. Why are the top arms of the dummy different to the bottom arm?
A. The Two top arms have offset shafts, when they are placed into the dummy body  it allows the two arms to be almost level.  The bottom arm has a central cut shaft.
Some lineages will also set the top arms on their sides this increases the span of the arms.

Q. How long does it take from placing order to supply of a dummy?
A. At best It can vary from 16-20 weeks, but as I have to keep up with demand for the various joineries that I supply turnings for it can sometimes take a lot longer.

"I am not in the business of churning out run of the mill wooden dummies as fast as I can to increase my turnover I work alone and to very high standards, the dummies I make will last for many years and with a little care will outlive their owners. They can then be passed down to the next generation along with their Wing Chun." Dave Thomas

UPDATED 12/02/20